If you were able to join us for our ‘Live from the USO’ - celebrating America’s military service members and their courageous families during Military Family Appreciation Month, THANK YOU! We hope you enjoyed the exclusive program, hosted by Drew Carey, and filled with an entertaining line-up of performances and military pageantry. The USO was honored to present the Patriot Award to Delta Air Lines and Spirit of the USO Award to San Francisco 49ers Ben Garland. A special thank you to our sponsors, donors and auction winners.

If you missed the show, we invite you to watch now and check out more opportunities to support our military families.

Click here to watch Live From the USO: [https://uso.brand.live/c/live-from-the-uso]

Click here watch the USO Alaska After Party: [https://www.dropbox.com/s/kd58c41y6lbwbhm/USO%20Alaska%20After%20Party.mp4?dl=0]

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