USO Fort Wainwright Center Grand Opening

1/2 Photos

The Alaska Daily Post and local TV news stations covered the happy celebration of the new USO Alaska Center and USO Pathfinder Transition Services Office openings at Fort Wainwright, Alaska.

2/2 Photos

Representatives from military, government, and non-profit organizations joined service members and families to celebrate the Grand Opening of the USO Fort Wainwright Center on April 12, 2018. Guest speakers included MG Laurie Hummel, the Adjutant General of the Alaska National Guard and Commissioner, Dept. of Military and Veterans Affairs, Garrison Commander Colonel Sean Fisher, Mrs. Julie Fate Sullivan, military spouse of U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan (USMC), and USO Regional Area Director Al Kaste. See more photos of the new USO Center and the USO Fort Wainwright Grand Opening Ceremony photos.

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