USO Alaska Pet Therapy Program

USO Alaska incorporates pet therapy as one of many resiliency support initiatives at various USO locations throughout the state. Many service members are unable to have a pet, particularly when living in dorms or barracks and when deployed in service to our country. A little puppy love goes a LONG way!

USO Alaska collaborates with certified animal therapy teams such as Paws for Purple Hearts, whose mission is to improve the lives of America’s Warriors (veterans and active duty service members) facing mobility challenges and trauma-related conditions such as Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injuries by providing the highest quality assistance dogs and canine-assisted therapeutic programs, and by building public awareness about the important role dogs play in helping Warriors along the road to recovery.

NOTE: Therapy animals are NOT the same as service or emotional support animals. Therapy animals are typically trained for the benefit of many others, whereas service and emotional support animals are trained to support the needs of one specific person.

Pet Therapy visits are scheduled in advance and listed on USO Alaska Center monthly event calendars for USO JBER and USO Fort Wainwright.

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